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February 2023

By: Heidi Lineweaver & Mathilde Genty

Four of the Hottest Cocktail Trends This Spring

The best way to welcome a new season is with a cocktail in hand.

We’ve taken a look at the hottest cocktails trending this season, and picked our top four to share with you.

Let’s beGIN (see what we did there).

Pre-Batched/Ready to Drink Cocktails

Time is money, and efficiency leads to cost savings and profitability. Bartenders are looking for ways to save time behind the bar while still focusing on the craft of delivering a great cocktail. One way to speed up service is to pre-batch cocktails. Pre-batching streamlines the whole process. Simply mix the ingredients together and put aside in a pitcher or carafe, like swing top bottles or a juice dispenser. When it comes time to serve, stir the ingredients, pour into a glass and add any fresh garnishes for a great presentation. 


Another spectrum of this trend is ready to drink (RTD) cocktails. These are single serve cans or bottles that don’t require any additional ingredients. According to data collected by Mintel, the total volume sales of spirits-based RTD cocktails increased 226% from 2016 to 2021 - making this area one of the fastest growing segments in the cocktail industry. 

With a more streamlined approach behind the bar, bartenders are able to shift their attention to service and create a remarkable experience for their guests. 

Creative Ice Cubes

One of the elements not to be neglected to obtain a expertly crafted cocktail is the ice cube (or ice sphere… yes, we see them all!).

Faceted, floral, spherical, or stamped ice overshadow the classic ice cube. Why? People want experience above all! One of the best ways to offer an elevated perception of the value of a drink, and especially a cocktail, is to bring attention to detail.

Here are a few tips to make your cool ice cube even cooler:

  • Opt for a spherical shape for your old fashioned cocktail to slow down the melt
  • Distilled water or boiled water is the trick to make clear ice cubes as it’s denser and lasts longer. Plus, it looks fancier.
  • Don't neglect the choice of glass: large diameter glass and Collins shapes will be your best allies. 

Broadway Rocks Glass

Cocktail by Ravin Buzzell, @ Bezel Denver


More and more consumers are reaching for mocktails. This movement will continue to grow in the years to come.  According to studies conducted by FiorMarkets, non-alcoholic drinks are expected to grow eight percent per year across the globe through 2028 (growing from $923 million in 2020 to more than $1.7 trillion).

Many bars and restaurants tend to offer a healthier and more inclusive option for people who want to enjoy a night out without feeling like outsiders: pregnant, sober, health-conscious consumers,..

Having a wide variety of non-alcoholic cocktails on the drinks menu allows the consumer to benefit from the same experience as alcoholic beverages thanks to high quality ingredients and premium free-alcohol spirits. 

As with any cocktail, choosing the right glass for a right cocktail is one of the most important steps for creating an elevated beverage experience.

We have put together a selection of glasses to match certain types of mocktails:

  • Martini glass: a great option for non-alcoholic drinks that are meant to be sipped slowly and enjoyed for their flavor, such as a cranberry or pomegranate juice-based cocktail.
  • Highball glass: this tall, narrow glass  is ideal for mocktails that contain a lot of ice and carbonated mixers, such as a mojito or a virgin Mary.
  • Collins glass: this tall and skinny glass is great for mocktails that have a lot of mixers, such as a Tom Collins or a Gin Fizz.

Creative Garnishes

The last of our four trends is creative garnishes. The garnish is sort of like the icing on the cake; it brings the whole drink together and packages up the final presentation. In 2023, we can expect to see fun garnishes like edible flowers, dehydrated fruit, dry ice and more!

Garnishes help to enhance the final presentation, style and overall look of the cocktail. They are part of the cocktail making process and add flavors to the drink. For example, a smoked old fashioned cocktail with an orange rind. By mixing flavors and aromas, bartenders are able to craft unique tastes that excite the palate!

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