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December 2022

By: Heidi Lineweaver & Mathilde Genty

Transforming Your Holiday Service

Top Three Tips to SURVIVE & THRIVE This Season!


The holiday’s are among us and for most, this season is an exciting time filled with family, memories and tradition. For those that work in foodservice, the excitement can sometimes get lost behind the hustle and bustle of the busiest season of the year. This year, we’ve created a guide to make life easier and create an incredible holiday season for you and your guests!

Tip 1: Create a Visual Impact

Seasonal flavors, unique garnishes and incredible tasting cocktails served in beautiful vessels - what more could your customers ask for? Create an unforgettable beverage presentation by choosing glassware that stands out. 

Broadway Collection

This show stopping collection features a beautiful cut glass design that adds stylish sophistication to your beverage service. With nine sizes available, the applications are endless! Whether you’re making a Smokey Old Fashioneds or a Pear Martini - Broadway is sure to impress!

Essentials Collection

Sleek and sophisticated, this barware line is versatile for any beverage. Featuring a slimming perspective and thin base. Serve up some Pomegranate Palomas or Cranberry Margaritas in the Essentials collection!

Villeneuve Collection

Stemware for any occasion! The Villeneuve collection is made with Krysta for complete transparency, superior strength, long-lasting brilliance and perfect acoustics. Simple and elegant, serve up some holiday classics like Seasonal Sangrias, French 75 or Apple Cider Mimosas. 

Tip 2: Have Enough Product for Service

One way to eliminate stress behind the bar is maintaining par levels for service. Knowing you always have a clean, available glass when the tickets start rolling in is a great way to be prepared this season.

Think About Your Menu

What signature drinks are you offering and how are you serving them?

What do you see an increase in during the winter months? Champagne? Wine? Old Fashions?

Once you’ve studied your menu and have taken a look at how your sales will trend, review the chart to the right to decide the best par level for your establishment.

To calculate standard usage quantities for your establishment, select the appropriate type of operation, and then simply multiply the number of seats by the number listed below.


125 Seat Fine Dining Restaurant x 11 Oz. Water (3) = 375 Glass recommended order quantity.

200 Seat Banquet x 8 1/2 Oz. Wine (1 1/2) = 300 Glass recommended order quantity.

100 Seat Upscale Casual Restaurant x 12 Oz. Iced Tea (1 1/2) = 150 recommended glass order quantity.

Tip 3: Using Ingredients from Bar to Kitchen & Kitchen to Bar

Do you utilize ingredients from the kitchen to make cocktails and vice-versa? As consumers are more and more concerned about sustainability, sharing versatile ingredients from the kitchen and the bar is a good solution to reduce food waste. 

This also allows you to be creative by crafting unusual cocktails or recipes and surprising your customers with new beverages cocktails every week!

Hard to Visualize?

Here are some examples of how to reuse ingredients in the kitchen or at the bar:

Use the excess fresh ginger juice from the bar to make a clam broth.

Have extra rosemary? Mix it with olive oil and vinegar to make a special vinaigrette.

Leftover breakfast cereal? Get creative with cereal milk flavored cocktails!

 What’s Your Buffet Look Like This Holiday Season?

We recently launched Abert, a buffetware brand that offers Italian made products dedicated to buffets. Breakfast, weddings, brunch, meetings, luxury suites… No matter what the event or concept is, our collections will fit any menus and venues! Mix and match pieces to personalize and customize your buffet.

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